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Between the Eyes

Brand new song and video up! Check it out and please share it

Welcome aboard Alex on drums

The Troy Redfern Band would like to give an official warm welcome to one of the finest drummers we've had the pleasure of playing with, The King of Swing, Mr. Alex Bridge! A student of the country's top drum teacher, Bob Armstrong , Alex's style, grooves and feel are going to breathe some new life into the old tunes, and take the new tunes to the next level! Welcome aboard!


Pete Feentra interviews Troy Redfern plus hour long special

A couple of months back, just before hitting on stage at London's famous Beaverwood Club on the Stevie Nimmo support gig, I had an interview with renowned promoter Pete Feentra. Pete put together an hour special on the band for his radio show, you can listen to it here...


CD Launch ...

CD Launch

great cd review ...

Great CD review from Blues in the North West for forthcoming release...

Check it out here -  Troy Redfern Band review @ bluesinthenorthwest.com

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