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Hey Folks - currently on tour with the Commoners, smashing it with the full band! You can still get tickets here ...

New Album - The Wings of Salvation released. You can order now in the shop and the latest single is out now - check out the video here

Thanks for all your continued support! Troy

Troy Redfern on stage with his Silvertone
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27 April 2023
Tour Reviews ...

There's 3 dates left on the tour calendar - and thanks so much to all that have come out to see us. Getting some great reviews from the tour - check them out ! Raw Ramp – Troy Redfern: The Komedia, Brighton - rawramp.me Wrinkly Rockers Club, The Grace, London - www.wrinklyrockersclub.com Ramzine – Bourne […]

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17 April 2023
Philip Sayce UK Tour ...

Super stoked to announce I will be special guest for Philip Sayce's long awaited UK Tour in November!! Tickets go on sale Wednesday 19th April and the links are available through my Tour page & below!! Philip Sayce ... “Players come along and challenge what you thought was possible… Philip Sayce - I don’t think […]

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10 February 2023
Teisco Orbit Four!!

Yesterday I went on a guitar safari to Nottingham to pick up this 1963 Teisco Orbit Four!! I've been after one for years. Solid mahogany body, perfect sized baseball bat neck that feels amazing and more gold foil pickup tonal combinations than you can shake a stick at! Throught the Magnatone Twilighter it sounds gloriously […]

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The Wings of Salvation - CD Album


The Wings of Salvation - Vinyl Album


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The Wings of Salvation - Vinyl, CD, Tee & Signed Print Bundle


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