Blues Rock Review Sampler

Great news!!!

A track from my imminent new album has been included on the Blues Rock Review Sampler Volume 12! Check out the trailer below! ⚡⚡

"Blues Rock Review is proud to announce the release of the Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Volume 12 on April 23. The sampler will be available for free download on Blues Rock Review. This year's sampler features 11 tracks from top blues rock acts around the globe.”


1. Joanna Connor - "Destination"

2. When Rivers Meet - "Walking On The Wire"

3. Arielle - "Peace Of Mind"

4. The Damn Truth - "This Is Who We Are Now"

5. Davy Knowles - "Come Home" (Roll Away Revisited)

6. Ellis Mano Band - "Keep It Simple"

7. Meg Williams - "Fuel For My Fire"

8. Jon Strahl Band - "Hey Yeah All Right"

9. Troy Redfern - "Scorpio"

10. Kurt Allen Band - "Graveyard Blues"

11. Chase Walker Band "Your Books"


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