The Redfern Rambler Signature Hat by Vera Black


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The Redfern Rambler

Get yer dirty blues on! We designed this killer gambler hat for the blues/rock artist Troy Redfern.

We've wrapped this one in an etched black stretch fabric, we've then layered our signature faux suede hat band over the top.

Detailing comes in the form of black onyx and interspersed with etched silver beading.

On the left side of the hat we have also added a lovely silver and gold detailed concho with a peahen feather.

On the right hand side of the hat we have added a concho with a a gold cross on it...(think less religious and more rock n roll cool!)

At the back of the hat we have left our signature 'tails' and detailed the ends with a silver feather & rams skull.

As always we have hand stitched our pirate roll 'VB' coin to the hat as well.

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S (55cm), M (57cm), L (59cm), XL (61cm)

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