Dirt Blues Ritual | Troy Redfern | Digital Download



320Kbps Mp3 Digital Album Download - 27th Feb 2017

  1. Revelator 0:46
  2. The Brave 3:45
  3. Jelly Roll 3:47
  4. I See Love 3:50
  5. Cold Light of Day 4:06
  6. Ray Gun 3:29
  7. The Line 3:32
  8. Ain't No Judgement Day 3:40
  9. Sign of the Times 3:56
  10. On the Skin 2:13
  11. My Time Ain't Long 4:19
  12. Time's Gonna Wash You Away 3:14
  13. Shine Your Light 4:42
  14. Born to Lose 3:41
  15. Walls Are Falling 5:33

"The great thing about ‘Dirt Blues Ritual’ is that its a CD that stands up to both close scrutiny in a one-on-one listening experience, as well as being the kind of album you might hear in a club and that would lead you to ask who it is.

Redfern’s channelled intensity,  imaginative narratives and high octane guitar playing is offset by a carefully layered sound that fills the tracks with sonic delight. You would expect nothing less from a slide guitar king who performs his own ‘Dirt Blues Ritual’ with distinction. ****"

Review by Pete Feenstra

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