Signed to Blues Boulevard Records!

Hi there,

It's been a while since I've updated you guys but I have some great news... I am now signed to the award winning European blues label Blues Boulevard Records.

They will be releasing the new album Backdoor Hoodoo on July 17th in Europe and mid August in North America. It will also be available from the usual places like Amazon and itunes as well as directly from Blues Boulevard Records. Fantastic reviews are coming in from European magazines which you can see if you head over to the facebook page.

We've also now have a agent for the Netherlands and Germany, Jay at BluesFarm Agency will be booking dates for January 2016 which we're really looking forward to.

Invocation - CD Album (pre-order)


Invocation - Vinyl & CD Bundle (pre-order)


Invocation - Limited Edition Vinyl (pre-order)


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