'...The Fire Cosmic!' Reviews ...

The reviews for my new album are coming in thick and fast and I'm so happy for how it's being received!

Great Music Stories have made it their Album of the Month for August - read the full review here.

"One cannot overstate the liberating magic of full-blooded live performance from start to finish on this fine album. After 16-months of lockdown, a world without gigs – where the best many of us got was pre-recorded streams of rehearsal sets or bedroom acoustic sets – here we get a real taste of what we’ve really been missing. Not just the depth of a full-band sound, not just great production; no, something more primal than that – the raw energy of three guys playing live in the same place, at the same time. The album feels alive, you can feel the chemistry between the players." Great Music Stories

‘The Fire Cosmic’ is released on 6 August 2021

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