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From the Album "The Fire Cosmic!" - Waiting for Your Love - released 21st May (Album released 6th August).

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A beast of a track filled with gutsy biker-rock riffs and oodles of dirty slide.” – Photogroupie

“It takes skills to make a guitar sound “hellacious”, which according to the dictionary means “exceptionally powerful or violent: remarkably good” - enter stage right Troy Redfern and his smokin’ hot new single ‘Waiting for Your Love’, which is chock-full of “hellacious guitar”. – Devils Gate Music

“Waiting For Your Love is a song with a real swing about it, complete with lashings of bodacious slide guitar, a killer drum sound, and raw, gritty vocals that ooze authenticity, ‘Waiting for Your Love’ is what would have happened had Billy Gibbons ever jammed with Marc Bolan on a John Lee Hooker cover.” – Devils Gate Music

“Waiting For Your Love simply sizzles and a must for any self-respecting fan of slide guitar.” – Devils Gate Music

“Slam dunked straight into fuzzed-up powerhouse slide of Troy Redfern, we expect nothing less.” – Bluesdoodles

“Waiting For Your Love is a rocked-up heavy metallic-blue number extravaganza.” – Bluesdoodles

“Troy’s vocals growl and prowl across the melody… The lyrics unveil a story and renders down the essence of early blues… Troy vocals close this exciting single with the anthemic cry of I’ve been Waiting for Your Love, a crescendo and then a drum roll, leaving the listener energised and panting for more.” – Bluesdoodles

“Troy’s sound is hard-hitting, in-your-face, deep-down-and-dirty, raw, dirty, fuzzy, swampy, cosmic blues-rock. Troy dives straight in with his signature slide guitar, and it is only a few bars before his smoky, gravely and raspy voice graces us with its presence.” – MNPR Magazine

“Troy is best known as a guitar player, but his husky vocals are an integral part of his sound, equality as melodic as the other instrumentation, adding a much welcome dynamic to the track, something which other guitarists often neglect.”MNPR Magazine

“The band is tight, Troy’s playing is at the top of its game, and the production level is right on point with Waiting For your Love.” – MNPR Magazine

Waiting For Your Love is the aural equivalent of a double quarter pounder cheeseburger ’n’ fries with all the trimmings – greasily satisfying.” – Blues Enthused

“The lashings of slide guitar overload are a thing of aural beauty and the vocals of Troy sound as if they have been poured straight out of a honey flavoured Jack Daniels bottle. The production is sobullish it’s almost too claustrophobic but in a good way.” – Planet Mosh, 5/5

“Oh, this is good. This is really good. Huge, dirty and full of attitude, Waiting For Your Love is a roaring flame that brings a turbo charged jolt to modern blues.”Metal Planet Music

“Clutching his battered six string and howling like a heartsick wolf at midnight, Troy Redfern brings an authenticity that has one foot firmly in the ancient and soulful history of artists like Robert Johnson and adds to it a hard-edged modern production that is at once gloriously uptempo and yet shot through with the dust from that fabled crossroad.” – Metal Planet Music

“Big, bruising and full of swagger and heart, this barnstormer is hand-crafted to tear the roof off. You have been warned.”– Metal Planet Music

“Troy Redfern’s Waiting For Your Love single sees its birth take place inside the very studios which saw Queen bring Sheer Heart Attack and A Night At The Opera breathe their dynamic first breaths of dynamic splendour. Troy’s presence speaks volumes and is enough to have British music applaud loudly in appreciation of what’s to come.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision, 9/10

“Troy Redfern’s new single, is one that is juicy, ripe, one that titillates the senses and brings to mind the beauty of bands such as Z.Z. Top in the prime, but also with that bountiful Queen aggression that made the albums recorded at Rockfield Studios such good company to be in.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision, 9/10

Waiting For Your Love has the mood of the anticipation that a lover will see you for all you can offer. It has the grandness of expression, the expectation of poise, and the deftness of delivery which never once relents or fails to install faith. A tremendous single, and one that makes the heart skip happily…”Liverpool Sound and Vision, 9/10

Waiting For Your Love is the first taste from Troy Redfern’sforthcoming album that is going to have listeners utterly hooked.” – Sonic Abuse, 9/10

Waiting For Your Love emerges from a gorgeous haze of amp noise and reverb to become masterful Delta stomp layered in heavy distortion and nailed to the floor by a drum beat that, at suitable volumes, threatens to overpower the stereo.” – Sonic Abuse, 9/10

Recorded at Rockfield Studios (Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera)Waiting For Your Love is a gleeful racket that Troy and his band make, caught between Rory Gallagher at his most electrifying, Guns ‘n’ Roses (circa Dust ‘n’ Bones) and vintage psychedelia, and damn if it doesn’t make you want to head straight for the dancefloor!” – Sonic Abuse, 9/10

Waiting For Your Love is a genuinely thrilling teaser for an album that can’t arrive soon enough. Troy’s production totally rocks, and you can’t help the feeling that the live shows are going to be celebratory affairs indeed.  Now, what are you still doing here? Go and pre-order the album!” – Sonic Abuse, 9/10

Absolutely scuzzy, dense and slide filled Rock/Blues. This is a real belter.” – Music News, 4/5

“Troy Redfern lays down a strong and furious boogie that tips a wink to ZZ Top and Blackstone Cherry while somehow also being very British.” Music News, 4/5

Waiting For Your Love rocks hard and loud. It’s one of those songs that you just have to cue up again as soon as its finished.” Music News, 4/5

Having heard new single Waiting For Your Love we draw comparisons to a motorboat chugging unrelentingly through a dark, thick swamp as Redfern testifies with a howling lustful longing.” – Ramzine

“Troy Redfern is a hard-working musician, loves to play slide guitar and adores the blues and it certainly shows. He rocks hard as hell.” – Rock At Night

“After listening to the track, I have only one word–HOT! This song makes me think of a walk through the cypress trees, dodging clouds of “no see-ums” and being on the look-out for gators! This cut is a real swampy, Southern style boogie; a rocky blues tune designed to show-off Troy’s skill on the slide guitar.” – Rock At Night

Waiting For Your Love is rusted like a nail on the back-door. It creaks like the lid of a jerrycan caught in thecanker.” – Raw Ramp

"It’s as deep, dark & hazardous as the spirits that lay dormant in Mississippi swamp-sludge… perhaps preparing to rise in the night to perpetrate a shadowy revenge on those too slow to respect them." – Raw Ramp

"Imagine Elmore James, playing with the free hand of Noël Akchoté but with the rough technique of Mississippi Fred McDowell, and you’ll be close to understanding the shaggy clarity.” – Raw Ramp

"Waiting For Your Love embodies conspicuous integrity, and the sandpapery distinctness of sound." – Raw Ramp


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